venerdì 31 maggio 2013

We have TWO followers now! (one is me, so it's 1: heck yeah!!)


The well-known Brazilian writer, journalist, blogger, activist, Christ follower and way more - but basically a man "alive", as GK Chesterton learned us to name the very few persons as he is. Very few!! I'm not certainly young and I met any kind of people, and anyway his works are so many and renewed I believe many of you know about him. I was saying, nobody is perfect, so - probably by mistake - he joined this joke for a blog!!!

There's so many things for the others he does, so many activities, he is a member of tons of high level organizations (especially Christian ones, that's amazing!). I think he write in 3 or four blogs, but his main articles and publications appear everywhere, and you will not certainly find them only on the web. I don't think to know but very few of what he does, writes,  and the number of websites with his contribution. 

I think what you do in life is you! Not what's on the Internet or so.

We're all proud, the world is proud... I think at this point, the goal of this..... let's call it blog for a day, is reached. I'm still shocked. I apologize. I'm going to tell mom :)))

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