mercoledì 20 giugno 2012

[S]he Talks Android: How To Root Your SGS2 With CF Root, ICS Edition

[S]he Talks Android: How To Root Your SGS2 With CF Root, ICS Edition: Welcome to the "ICS Edition" of your ultimate rooting guide for SGS2. And when I say ultimate , I mean   this is for all existing official I...

mercoledì 13 giugno 2012

AZADI: Songs of Freedom for Iran

On the anniversary of the 2009 uprising, honoring the ongoing struggle


United4IRANis thrilled to announce the release of the Azadi: Songs of Freedom for Iran, a free downloadable mixtape album with messages of resistance and inspiration for Iranians continuing to push for democracy and human rights.
Musicians from countries including Iran, Egypt, Libya, South Africa, U.S., Turkey, Palestine and Iraq have contributed solidarity songs that United for Iran, in collaboration with DJ Child of Project Groundation, have mixed to produce an album now available for download!

Download/share the free album:

Renowned Iraniam artists on the album include Mohsen Namjoo, Rana Farhan, Fared Shafinury, Eendo, Abjeez and Kiosk. The album also includes a song from imprisoned activist Bahareh Hedayat; former prisoner Sarah Shourd; Libyan Masoud Bwisri who played guitar on the front lines of conflict; Rush and MC Amin of Egypt; and Salome MC, Iran’s first female rapper.

Help raise awareness about the struggle for human rights and democracy in Iran! In solidarity, please listen to this free downloadable album, read the lyrics, and SHARE it!