sabato 15 dicembre 2012

Obama the "tolerant" fellow. thinking on Sept 25 2012

Barack Obama gave what I thought it was his last speech to the UN as President of the United States last September 25. He touched the hot topics of the previous few weeks, starting from the hatred which was manifested with the attacks on the Western embassies. He asked (to himself, dunno if as a rhetoric question or because of dumbness) if it was finally understood the reason of what had happened. He basically said: do they want overwhelm the West and Islam? Or what is it the meaning of the attacks?

The West... and Islam?

When I read the speech I was shocked. Since Cairo 2009 the dummy had said so many stupidities. Thing is it's not about silliness or lack of culture. When he talks of Islam or to Muslim people he is dangerous - very very dangerous.

He thinks the "attack to the common values​​" by "Islamic fundamentalists" is a challenge to the world, or to the United Nations. No!!! It is absolutely addressed to the West, and in particular (of course) to the United States.

Perhaps he pretends to be naive, but it is certain that these "values" ​​are meaningless if they have no foundation. Everyone knows that their foundation is in the natural law. This notion is completely absent from the thought of Obama. He walks on the surface of a swamp, when he falls, we fall all.

- by @Paolme

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