giovedì 13 dicembre 2012

December 13 - ST LUCY, VIRGIN, MARTYR — A.D. 304

At Syracuse, in Sicily, in the persecution under the Emperor Diocletian, the holy Virgin and martyr Lucy. By command of Paschasius the Consular she was handed over to panders to make a public mock of her chastity, but when they would have led her away they could not move her even with ropes, and not even when these were drawn by many yoke of oxen then they poured upon her boiling pitch, rosin, and oil but these did not hurt her, and at length she was smitten in the neck with a sword, and so finished her testimony, in the year 303.

"There are few Lucys nowadays among Christian ladies, because sensuality, pride, and vanity are instilled into their minds by the false maxims and pernicious example of those with whom they first converse. Alas I unless a constant watchfulness and restraint both produce and strengthen good habits, the inclinations of our souls lean of their own accord toward corruption." - Rev. Alban Butler

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