martedì 23 novembre 2010

Head cleric admits that Iranians hate clerical rule

Nov. 21, 2010

Ahmad Khatami, a member of the Assembly of Experts, cited the fact that the people hate the clerical rule of the mullahs and said, “Creating rifts among clerics is one of the actions of the enemy which leads to the people separating themselves from the government which provides the grounds for separating oneself from religion”.
“Today, some people are looking to carry out this theory and advocate an Islam without politics which is in line with the separation of religion from state, and the departure of clerics from politics which means that efforts of religious clerics in the past centuries would be wasted”.
“Today enemies approach religious authorities and lie to them to the point that the religious authority becomes neutral and after some time by being presented false information, he feels that he is in the middle of the anti-revolutionary field.”
“They bring this issue up to lie about clerics to the people and say that in Iran, only one sector of the society rules over all the other sectors”. 

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