giovedì 18 marzo 2010

Today I post my semi-favourite poem. Written by Deborah Horton.


I thought that it was just as it seemed
everything I wanted all that I had dreamed
all that I had waited for
finally here unlike any before

I thought that every word was true
that no matter what I could trust you
through good times and bad you would always be there
giving me love showing you care

I thought you gave to me all that I gave you
trusted in all that you say and do
everything belonged to you I gave it all and more
believing that this was what true love was for

I thought all this but I learned that I had thought wrong
you were just lying to me and using me all along
to get what you want and have a good laugh on the side
so good with the lies you were able to hide

But now I've thought about walking away
leaving this past moving towards a new day
for there is someone who does love me the way that you should
and this time I'm out of this drama for good

So I hope you have thought about all that you've done
how badly you treated me now that we're done
karma can be such a hard teacher it seems
I wonder what you will have thought when you realize you have no more dreams


A quick note: check other works by the author and share your feelings on the Deborah Horton - Poetry and Prose site.

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